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As industry veterans, we finally have the freedom to operate at a higher level. When we think like the customer, the customer wins every step of the way with a faster experience, a better clean and an excellent value.

We, Dirty Dog’s founders, have worked in the full-service and express car wash industry for a combined 25 years. In all that time, we learned to look at our business from an unusual perspective—that of the customer.

To get the speed, value and clean a customer wants, we realized, we needed to buck the status quo and revolutionize everything from the size of the vacuum stalls to the features in the wash tunnel. We pitched our progressive ideas to our bosses—and got a whole lot of no.

That’s why we went our own way and created the Calhoun-based Dirty Dog’s to serve customers all over North Georgia.

At Dirty Dog’s, we’re saying yes to every feature a customer wants—a streamlined pay kiosk system, an easier and more effective vacuum experience and a more comprehensive clean. We’re saying yes to extremely competitive prices. And frankly, we’re besting our competition at virtually every step of the car wash game.

Power You Can Feel

40-Horsepower Vacuums

Dirty Dog’s starts with 22 vacuum stalls, each wide enough for the biggest of trucks. Every stall has its own tool hub including a compressed air tube to blast debris out of your interior’s cracks and crevices, a 40-horsepower vacuum with a specialized, do-it-all nozzle, free towels and window cleaner with a hose delivery system.

Get In and Out in Two Shakes of a Doggy's Tail

Three Always-Operating Pay Kiosks

Our safe-entry wash tunnel is longer than our competitors’. That means more friction and high-pressure water spray for a better bug-scrubbing exterior clean. And more blowers for a shiny touch-free dry. At the center of Dirty Dog’s are our concierges, who can spot a request for help immediately and respond just as fast.

Our many years in the business have shown us that customers want a clean car, fast.

We designed Dirty Dogs with this in mind.

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